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Nebraska Month-to-Month Lease Agreement | PDF – MS Word

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A Nebraska month-to-month lease agreement is a real estate contract that allows a person to be able to occupy and lease property on a continuous basis which restarts every thirty (30) days upon the payment of rent. Either lessor or lessee may change or terminate the contract with at least one (1) month’s notice to the other party. The landlord will usually take this type of tenancy on a lighter scale when the tenant first applies, although a rental application is still recommended to verify the potential tenant’s income and credit.

State laws (Article 14, Landlord and Tenant) still apply and the landlord and tenant must abide by the terms and conditions of the agreement signed.

Minimum Termination Notice

Thirty (30) days. A landlord or tenant may terminate the tenancy with a thirty (30) day notice. (§ 76-1437)