Oklahoma Rental Lease Agreements

Oklahoma lease agreements are used by landlords to legally bind a tenant when renting property. The agreement outlines the monthly rent and obligations of both parties. After signing, the tenant will be required to produce security deposit, 1st month’s rent, and any other upfront fees. All prospective tenants are highly recommended to be screened through a rental application.

Laws – OK Stat §41- Landlord and Tenant

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An Oklahoma residential lease agreement is drafted by the real estate commission and may be used by landlords when renting property to tenants. The agreement should be negotiated and afterward, the tenant should be screened through a rental application. Once approved, the monthly rent, security deposit, and any utilities will be negotiated. Once a verbal agreement has been reached the lease may be written and…


An Oklahoma month-to-month lease agreement is a rental contract with no end date but can be canceled with at least 30 days’ notice from the landlord or tenant. As long as rent is paid each month, the tenancy continues until one of the parties decides to amend or terminate. The landlord may also increase the monthly rent with 30 days’ notice or make any other…


An Oklahoma rental application is a form used by real estate agents, property owners and managers to verify that a potential tenant is worthy of a lease agreement. Due to the high cost of an eviction, a landlord will usually screen a person before authorizing a binding real estate contract for a twelve (12) month period. The landlord may require a fee for providing this…


An Oklahoma sublease agreement is for tenants seeking to rent their current residence to another individual for a portion or remainder of their lease. The sublease cannot go beyond the end date of the original contract with the landlord and often times a standard residential contract does not allow for the subletting of the premises without explicit written permission from the landlord. The original tenant,…


An Oklahoma roommate agreement is a documentation of the living arrangement between two (2) or more individuals occupying the same space. This form will serve as a contract once it is signed. Thus, any terms entered will need to be obeyed by each signature party. Moreover, it provides a readily accessible guideline as to what was originally agreed to since each signature party should have…


A Oklahoma commercial lease agreement is a binding contract that relays the details of a rental arrangement between an owner/landlord of commercial real estate (retail, office, industrial space) and a business entity wishing to conduct business on the premises. The two parties will be able to negotiate the terms and conditions of the agreement before drafting the lease and signing it before a notary public….