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Oklahoma Month-to-Month Lease Agreement – PDF Template

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The Oklahoma month-to-month lease agreement is used primarily for tenants seeking to rent residential property from a landlord for a short period to time. The agreement works in such a way that at the start of every month, as long as rent is paid, the lease will automatically renew and continue until the landlord or tenant give notice to the other that they would like to alter or cancel the agreement.

The landlord and tenant must follow the same laws as they would under a standard residential lease. Furthermore, the landlord should take the same precautions before authorizing a month to month contract as they would a standard agreement as the legal liabilities pertaining to eviction are the same. This can be done through the careful analysis of the rental application that is completed by the tenant. A landlord may choose to do a simple credit check or verify any sources including previous employers, property owners/managers, and references.

  • If the residential unit was constructed before 1978, the lead-based paint disclosure is required to be signed by the tenant and attached to the lease.

Minimum Termination Notice

Termination of a tenancy-at-will (month-to-month) can be executed if thirty (30) days notice is given (O.S. §41-4).