Pennsylvania Rental Lease Agreements

Pennsylvania rental agreements are to be used by landlords to outline the terms and conditions of a rental arrangement. The most common contract is the standard one (1) year contract between a lessor and lessee; however, month-to-month, or a tenancy-at-will are not uncommon. The landlord will usually want to verify the tenant’s credit and rental history before agreeing to allow them to rent their property, this screening can be accomplished via a rental application.

Laws – 68 P.S. §§ 250.101-250.602

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A Pennsylvania residential lease agreement is a document outlining the terms between a tenant renting a home from a landlord. The landlord will commonly verify the tenant’s credit and background through the use of a rental application. After being approved, the tenant will be required to pay a security deposit, 1st month’s rent, and any other obligations required by the lease. The tenant is given…


A Pennsylvania month to month rental agreement is a real estate contract between a residential landlord and tenant that continues until either party gives notice. There is no minimum termination period in the State of Pennsylvania but the common timeframe is 30 days. The document outlines the monthly rent, when it’s due, and any other terms and conditions. After signing, the agreement begins with the…


A Pennsylvania rental application gives a landlord consent from an applicant to verify their income, employment, credit, background, and rental history before authorizing a lease agreement. This form may only be used by the landlord if the applicant signs and agrees to have their information be viewed. There may be a fee associated with providing this service which is not limited and is most likely…


A Pennsylvania sublease agreement is a way for a tenant that is under a current lease agreement to rent the entire property or a portion thereof to someone else (the “sublessee”). A standard lease will usually have language in the barring a tenant from doing this so the landlord may have to sign off either on the sublease or on some other form to allow…


A Pennsylvania roommate agreement documents the basic promises two or more roommates agree to keep in relation to the residence they share. Every agreement will need to cover essentials such as rent and security deposits. It will also cover less broad subjects like rules surrounding guests, cleaning duties, shared living spaces, and the like. This document enables roommates to avoid unnecessary conflict in the time…


A Pennsylvania commercial lease agreement is a legal contract between an owner of commercial real estate and a business entity looking to rent the property for the purposes of conducting business. The lease agreement will cover the breadth of terms and conditions necessary to ensure a fair and legally viable tenancy. It is advised that both landlord and tenant have a real estate lawyer present…