Georgia Rental Lease Agreements

Georgia lease agreements establish the terms and conditions of a tenant renting a property from a landlord for monthly payment. The most common lease term is one (1) year but can be any set period decided by the parties. Other terms include the responsibility of utilities and services (e.g. internet, water/sewer, electricity, etc) and other rights to the property (e.g. parking, pets, etc.). Once signed, the agreement becomes legally binding until the end of the term.

Laws – Title 44, Chapter 7 (Landlord and Tenant) | Official Georgia Code Web Portal

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The Georgia residential lease agreement allows a landlord and tenant to enter into a binding agreement for the purposes of a residential tenancy arrangement. The landlord may require a credit application to be completed by the potential lessee (along with a non-refundable fee) to verify the applicant’s credentials to avoid a possible eviction down the road. After approval, the parties will sign the lease agreement…


A Georgia month to month lease agreement is for tenants that want to lease a residential unit on a temporary basis without having to commit to a fixed-term agreement. The lease works much like a standard lease agreement except that the tenant or landlord may change the terms or terminate the arrangement anytime (see minimum termination notice below). The landlord should have the tenant complete…


A Georgia rental application is a form used by a landlord or their representative to check a potential lessee’s credit, background, rental history (checking with previous landlords), and employment history. The tenant may have to pay a fee for the application to cover background checks and processing costs; it is up to the landlord whether or not they wish to charge a fee. If the…


A Georgia commercial lease agreement is for individuals or companies seeking to rent retail, industrial, or office space over a fixed period (typically three (3) years but the term may be negotiated). Lease applicants should be thoroughly screened to ensure that they have a positive rental history and are worthy of a long-term contract. If the tenant is a new business, the owner/landlord may request…


A Georgia sublease agreement is popular around inner cities and college housing to allow someone else (sublessee) to occupy property a tenant (sublessor) is renting for a period of time. The length may not go further than the original agreement the tenant has on the property with the landlord and all payments agreed upon must still be made. Anytime the sublessee does not make rent…


A Georgia roommate agreement should be filled out and signed when two or more people decide to live together in a residential dwelling. Having roommates can be beneficial in that the financial burden is distributed amongst a number of individuals; however, since responsibilities will also be shared, it’s a good idea to put the arrangement in writing. Rent amount, security deposit, utilities, chores, and household…