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New Hampshire Month-to-Month Lease Agreement | PDF – MS Word

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A New Hampshire month-to-month lease agreement is a type of tenancy that is renewed every month by the tenant via the rental payment to the landlord for another thirty (30) days. The tenant or landlord may choose to alter or terminate the agreement through written notice of at least one (1) month outlining the changes, or in the event of vacating, a termination notice. The same laws that apply to a standard lease agreement also apply to a month to month contract. Therefore the landlord should take the same steps to verify a potential tenant through the lease application as they would a normal tenant for a long term arrangement.

Lead-based paint disclosure – If the unit on the property was built prior to 1978 the tenant must sign and attach the lead-based paint disclosure to the agreement.

Minimum Termination Notice

Both landlord and tenant must provide the other party with thirty (30) days written notice should they wish to terminate a month-to-month agreement. (§540:3 and §540:11)